Lighting Installation

Why install landscape lighting?

Lighting driveways, pathways and steps helps avoid potential accidents. Illuminate hidden areas and discourage unwanted prowlers. Enhance architectural features and specific landscape areas to maximize curb appeal and increase your property value.

Lighting Installation

Sprinkler Installation

Why install landscape sprinklers?

Without regular watering, your plants and lawn will not thrive and may not survive. An automatic sprinkler system is a great way to consistently maintain your landscape. It will allow you to save time from having to hand water. It will allow you to save money on your landscape watering by reducing runoff and keeping the water in your target areas. It will enhance the appearance of your landscape or garden and increase the value of your property.

Sprinkler Installation

Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Services

Lenny Cook


(503) 403 - 9446
Portland, OR

About Lenny


After working in several different aspects of the landscaping industry, Lenny found himself specializing in landscape irrigation and low voltage lighting.

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